Patient Participation Group

Minutes of Meeting on Thursday 4 October 2018




Practice staff: Dr Sayer (AS) General Practitioner, Miguele Bocti (MB) Practice Manager.



Welcome and Apologies

Apologies were received from 5 members. One member did not attend.


1-   Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed.


2-   Update on Locum GP

AS informed the PPG members that our locum GP is retiring at the end of November 2018. A leaving party will be held on Friday 30 November, details to follow.


3-   Feedback from CQC inspections

AS thanked the members for attending during the 2 CQC inspections in July 2018.


AS explained that the CQC came back on 3 July 2018 to perform a focussed inspection following their previous full inspection in November 2017. AS explained that all the points raised by the CQC as “required improvement” were covered and the evidence presented to the CQC inspectors in the presence of the PPG representative members. However the inspectors decided to come back again on 12 July 2018 for another full inspection.


The CQC sent a draft report to the practice in August 2018. AS gave a brief description of the points raised in the CQC draft report and discussed the evidence provided by the practice. He explained that although the carpets and seats are the same as the ones used at Heathrow terminal 4, the CQC wished the practice to remove all carpets and soft furnished seats and replace them with lino floors and plastic washable chairs. He also stated that our practice is required to generate the same quantity of paperwork as a much larger practice which is a very difficult task for a small single-handed practice.


AS stated that following the draft report he sent a full reply to the CQC accompanied by 33 items of evidence. However, the CQC replied back to inform the practice that they have decided not to uphold our representations and rated us as “inadequate”.


The PPG members were disappointed with the attitude of the CQC inspectors as it did not reflect their personal experience of the good care provided by the doctors and the practice team. AS stated that this was also evidenced in the practice statistics of the NHS Choices site. DD stated that it seems the CQC have their own agenda aiming for small practices to works at scale.


4-   Practice Development Update

AS stated that the practice may not be able to continue as it stands as the ever increasing administrative workload is taking away an inordinate amount of time and is beginning to encroach on the time dedicated for clinical patient care.  AS stated that considering the current direction of travel of the NHS, we have no options, indeed it will be advantageous in the long run for the patients as well as the practice staff, to work at scale with a large practice.


AS explained that this move will substantially reduce the administration workload and enable staff to continue to concentrate on providing medical care to our patients rather than filling tick box forms and templates.


The PPG members agreed to the proposal. DD added that this will be a tremendous solution to reduce the administrative workload and allow the doctors to fully concentrate on patient care.


AS thanked the members for their input and continuous support for the practice team. AS stated that the PPG members will be kept updated.


5-   Date of next meeting

This will be approximately in two months’ time, or earlier if required. TBC.