We aim to make life easier for our patients by helping them to request and obtain their medication in a number of ways:

Requesting Medication

All repeat Medication requests require 2 working days for processing. This is to ensure safe prescribing and is in line with all local Practices.
We cannot accept Telephone Requests for prescriptions as these could lead to medical errors. However, you can order these by many other means as described below. 

Repeat prescriptions should be requested using the most recent printed computerised repeat request slip supplied with your regular prescription. 

Requesting your medication:

You can request your repeat medication by one of the following methods:

 1- Tick the items you need repeat request slip and drop it to the surgery. 

 2- Post the ticked repeat request slip to the surgery.

 3- Fax the repeat request slip tpo our surgery on 202 8332 0026

 4- Ask your preferred Pharmacist to request your medication on your behalf and give then the repeat request slip . 

  Boots Pharmacy, the Richmond Pharmacy and Springfield Pharmacy can order on your behalf and collect prescriptions daily for dispensing. 

  If you wish them to collect your prescription please indicate this when the prescription is ordered.

 5- Request your medication online by registering for the Patient Online Services by filling the form available at Reception.

Electronic Prescribing Services:

We can send your precriptions directly via computer to a pharmacy of your choice. If you wish to use this service please inform our Receptionist and name your Pharmacy of choice.

Receiving  Prescriptions 

Receiving your printed prescription:

If you prefer to have a printed prescription you have the following options:

 1- Collect it personally from reception

 2- Sent to you by post if you provide a SAE with your request.

 3- Have a local Pharmacy collect your printed prescription on your behalf.

 If you lose the request slip, ask our receptionist to give you a copy.

Dispensing Your Medication

Your prescription can be dispensed at the pharmacy of your choice

Medication can be dispensed and received from your pharmacy in one of the following ways: